Pantogar hair loss solution


Pantogar hair loss solution

Pantogar® is the best hair loss treatment

Pantogar® capsules provide the hair roots with a variety of nutrients that are important for the formation of new hair cells.

Pantogar capsules thus stimulate the hair cells to form new cells; the hair goes from the resting or loss phase back into the active growth phase. Pantogar® capsules are well tolerated.


Diffuse hair loss is the main indication

·         Degenerative changes in the hair structure (stressed, thin, inelastic, brittle, lifeless, dull and colorless hair)

·         Hair damaged by sunlight and UV-radiation.

·         Delay/ prevention of greying of the hair.

·         Nail growth disorders (brittle, cracked and inelastic nails).

How pantogar works?

·         Pantogar is a safe treatment against hair loss and has no significant side effects.

·         Effective in stopping hair loss & activating hair growth.

·         Increases metabolic activity of the hair follicle activates cell division leading to hair growth.

·         The active ingredients in Pantogar, keratin & L-cysteine, are essential building units of hair structure.

·         Pantogar is medicine for hair loss treatment, not an only Food supplement


The Pantogar® active ingredients

Keratin, a sulphur-rich protein, forms the main component of the hair.

Cystine, an amino acid, is largely responsible for the structure of hair keratin and promotes the growth of healthy hair.

B-group vitamins, such as thiamine (vitamin B1) and calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5), are indispensable for the high metabolic activity in the formation of new hair cells.

Medicinal yeast has a high content of vitamins, essential amino acids, minerals, trace elements and enzymes and is a rich source of B-group vitamins. It has beneficial effects on the metabolism of the skin and hair.

Pantogar recommended dosage

3 Capsules Daily for 3-6 months

This ensures that the body is supplied with 60 mg of keratin, which is enough to nourish the hair properly and stimulate its growth.

Hair usually grows only one centimeter per month.

That’s why it takes several months to know the full effect of hair loss treatment.

where to buy Pantogar in UAE

Pantogar available in all major pharmacies in United Arab Emirates 


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